Cut a length of coat hangar wire and bend in half. Twist the wire around itself at the bend. Spread apart the rest of the wire as shown in the illustration. Create a squared "U" shape from another piece of wire. Cut a third piece of wire for the thumb. Tie all three lengths of wire together using thinner wire. Place masking tape balls approximately 1/4 inch in diameter at all the knuckle joints. (A knuckle refinement. Create a loop of tape approximately 6" long with the sticky side out. Twist the loop a couple of times around, then wrap around the wire where the knuckle joints should be. You can also creates hands from a single piece of wire , bending the wire back and forth to make the fingers.) Lay strips of masking tape down the fingers and crumple into place. All you have to do now is paint appropriately and, voila, hands. These look great coming out of the ground around the tombstones. And these hands also would work well for a Flying Crank Ghost, being prejointed at the elbow and lightweight.

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