Here's how I created the corpse to the left.

First, I assembled a Revell plastic model skull kit. (These plastic skulls are no longer being made. The Lifelike Pirate skull would be a good substitute.) The skull is then attached to a length of PVC pipe using urethane foam sealant inside the skull. Holes are drilled into the PVC to run coathanger wire through. The coathanger wire is bent into the shape of the ribs, which are then covered with a material called Sculpt-a-Mold and sculpted to shape. The arms are dowels and the hands are Sculpey molded over a wire armature.

The eye is the ball from an underarm deodorant roll-on set in place into the skull eye socket. I created the skin using strips of paper towels dipped in latex. Texturing was done by adding corn meal to the latex. The corpse was then colored by an acrylic paint wash to pick up detail.

Some cheap but effective corpses/mummies. Start with the blow molded plastic skeletons that sell for between $10 to $20. Replace the hands and feet with the corpse hand techniques detailed elsewhere on this site. The skeletons are then wrapped with wide masking tape lengthwise down the body and along the limbs. Tthen color them using brown and black shoe polish. Finally, they are varnished to keep the colors from rubbing off.

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